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  • How long will it take to restring my racket?
    Under normal circumstances I would expect to complete the restring within 48 hours of receiving it. If it is likely to take longer I will notify you by text or email soon as possible. If the racket requires replacement Grommet strips or any string that is not stocked this will add an extra 24 hours to the time taken. An 24 hour express service is available at an extra charge, this is only available on stocked strings. This service costs an extra £5.
  • Where are you based?
    I live in Great Alne, Alcester but travel throughout Warwickshire and can provide a collect and delivery service if required for a small fee.
  • Can restringing break my racket?
    Before a racket goes into the workshop for restringing we will carry out a full inspection of the frame to check for any previous damage and make sure it can support the requested tension. If we believe the racket will not cope with the desired tension we will advise you straight away before carrying out the restring. On the extremely rare occasion that a frame does break whilst being restrung we do not accept any responsibility for the damage. Rackets are restrung at the clients own risk.
  • Does our restring carry any guarantee?
    We will always try to be as fair as possible. For many variety of reasons, strings can break, even new strings after limited use. Obviously the amount of use will be a major factor, likewise taking our advice at the point of restringing about the need to replace grommets and bumper strips will need to be considered when returning the racket and finally giving the strings abuse beyond their intended parameters.
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