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"bringing the life back into your racket"

Here at M&L's we have over 15 years experience restringing and customising tennis rackets.  We recognise that every customer has an individual playing style and needs, which is why we make it our aim to treat every customer with specialist help and advice.

M&L's was created by Martin and Layla, Martin is an experienced tennis player from Solihull having started stringing as a junior player.  Layla is a junior player and strings her own rackets and helps with advertising and social media.

Meet The Team

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Image by Chino Rocha
“Martin has taken time and care to assist in bringing my ageing rackets (and some new ones) up to standard with expert advice and stringing to a very high level.
A really friendly and accurate service, and proof that sometimes you really can teach an old dog new tricks.
Who knew decent strings could make such a difference! Thanks Martin!.”

James L

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